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Jockstraps and athletic supporters

Jockstraps were originally createg to help support male genitalia during sports and athletic activities, they have evolved quite a bit over the years. There are 2 basic styles, those that include a cup or protector, usually made of hard plastic and are intended to protect against blows such as a baseball hitting the testicles (painful!). The athletic supporter without a cup was originally intended to provide support for men when running or exercising.

They have been adapted to now also include comfortable styles for everyday wear or even as a sort of men's lingerie. At jockstraps we feature a huge selection including some mesh and net fabrics that provide breathability, softness and/or see thru erotic looks.

The traditional style jock straps are a breathable stretch fabric with a wide elastic waist such as those by Safe-t-Gard. Others in the designer fashion world such as those by Calvin Klein and NDS Wear may be with cotton fabrics, cotton blends or synthetic fabrics such as microfiber.

More erotic styles include lace-up front designs (either functional or just for looks) or a snap off front pouch. We have even had styles that have a hole in the front instead of a pouch at all! Those of course would not be for athletic wear. They might make a great gift idea, perhaps for a 40th birthday party or other ages.

Camouflage, we have many types and styles, see thru mesh or solid fabrics. Many men love the camo look in clothing. Reminiscent of military wear or the hunter side of men that makes they feel so masculine.

So shop and enjoy our huge selection today!


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